Daily Drudgery - or - Life is Sweet

October 17, 2014

Golden Time

We have been experimenting with a simple system since August in the hope that middle boy might reign in his most challenging behaviour – and I must confess I stole the idea from school. We are now in October…and it still seems to be working! We have a blackboard with a set of faces – one green smiley, three neutral yellow and one sad red face. As each new day begins, all three boys have their names on the green smiley face. If they stay there all day, then after dinner they get their 30 minutes of ‘Golden Time’ – and this can be any activity of their choosing. Usually, as I don’t allow screens during weekdays, the golden time is screen-based! During the day, should there be a repeated misdemeanor, rudeness or violence, 5 minutes of golden time is lost and the name card slips down one of the stages. However, should any of them do something really impressive, or kind, or creative, then they can gain their time back. Sometimes this does happen, and sometimes this doesn’t, and somehow, it is working! It has even helped them to consume the fruit that was often left untouched in their lunch bags!
I am waiting for the novelty to wear off, but in the meantime, behaviour is better!