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October 5, 2014

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

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This was a fantastic present for the kids.

We used our code and sent off for our caterpillars. Five arrived in a tub with all the food they need.
So we had nothing to worry about, we could just keep them in the shade and watch them grow and wow did they grow.
As expected they made their way to the top of the cup one by one and overnight, lost their outer skin and became crystallides. After a couple of days we transferred them to the butterfly house, one or two of the crystallises were still twitching!
After a week or so, overnight one had popped out. By the evening four out of five had emerged, but sadly we didn’t see any of them actually hatch out. By the next day the fifth one had emerged.
After a couple of days watching them and letting them bask in the sun we decided the time was right to let them go.
Each boy took it in turn to put their hand into the butterfly home until one walked onto their hand, then they took their hand out so they could hold the butterfly for a short while before it naturally flew off. A truly magical moment and one I know they’ll remember.
The fifth butterfly had emerged with a curled lower right wing and seemed to struggle flying so as the weather changed to true October weather we decided the butterfly had more chance of surviving with us, so we topped up the food and we take it out to bask in the sun in between the wind, rain and thunder!
They are supposed to live 2-4 weeks and our one is about 10 days old now.

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Dad’s post 🙂

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