The Journey to the Lodge

November 28, 2014

Diggers at the ready

Its October 2014 and I’ve hired a digger for a week to lift the crazy paving, flatten the raised and rotting shed and level the garden ready to build the lodge where the homeschooling will take place.

Sadly following the warmest September since records began and a reasonable October, the week I hired the digger it rained every day. Everything was damp apart from my spirit, so I quite literately ploughed on, so much so the garden now resembles a furrowed field as a 1 tonne digger on a porridge-like clay garden, fed by a non-stop stream of water from higher neighbouring gardens, tends to leave an imprint here and there.

Our 50 metres of French drains that their Grandfather and I put in catch it but not early enough so more drains planned for next Summer. (sigh)

Here’s Indi on the digger about half way through the week in between showers of rain. (ignition keys removed!)

small boys toy


Behind him you can see the shed we inherited which sits on the highest part of the garden, to the side of our house. This was the initial and most obvious place to place a building, away from the main garden, making good out of something very ugly.

It’s where we would put a brick extension to the house if we could afford it – but what if we can afford one in the near future? The Lodge would be in the way! So for that very reason we then realised it’s probably the worst place to put it and we surveyed the rest of the garden for a suitable spot. We’re not spoiled for choice by any means, we just plan to have chickens, wooden play castle, basketball hoop, trampoline, climbing frame… maybe even somewhere to sit! So we want to make sure it all fits comfortably.

Having given it loads of thought, we picked our spot. Sadly in that spot stood our tree swing. The tree itself is half dead, doesn’t blossom or produce anything. However, to me, tree swings are magical and on top of that I like trees too, but for the greater good it had to go and to replace it we’re going to buy two more, an apple tree and a pear tree as we want the kids to see when and how fruit grows, how much grows and why some of it fails. So I guess I’d better make room for a new swing in the plan too!

TimberrrrrrrSo we have our spot. Just got to chop that tree up for the chiminea… by hand… and it looks bigger than ever before. Any volunteers?