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November 11, 2014

My First Lab Duo-scope Microscope

This was a great present for Indi’s 5th birthday from his grandparents.
I have to admit, this was always circled in the catalogue by me as a child but for some reason I never got one, so I was probably more excited than Indi when he opened it.

The microscope is carefully packaged and comes with a separate eyepiece, slide samples, blank slides, dyes and instructions. The unit itself has three powerful lenses.

Being five and being surrounded by birthday presents meant we had to work quick to keep his attention. The sample slides include salt crystals, pollen and a mouth swab,  which are fascinating up close, but are not things which a five year-old can easily relate to. A single strand of his hair was mildly more interesting but stick a dead crane fly under the lens and everyone wants a look!

indi's microscope

Suddenly science looks like fun and the little eye piece, a window into a magical world. So when you think about the amount of flora and fauna available in your back garden that you can inspect up close, there’s endless opportunities to take five minutes out of their day to experiment with the microscope.
One slide has two microscopic bowls, which we think would be ideal for pond water samples.

The samples can be lit in two ways, from above for solid objects and from underneath for transparent samples.

The detail and clarity was more than I expected from a microscope aimed at kids. The only downside is that the greater the magnification the shorter the depth of field. So we couldn’t look at the crane flies eyes too close up as only part of the eye would be in focus. So flatter objects work better.

Overall we’re really impressed, just mildly concerned that after seeing all these bugs and swabs from around our house and garden up close I’ll develop some form of OCD!

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