Chickens, Daily Drudgery - or - Life is Sweet

January 1, 2015

Goodbye Ivy

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We were warned that these ex-batt hens were fragile and in a bad state and that sometimes the shock of the change from the cage to the truck to a small holder to a rescue home can be too much.

Sadly, Ivy who joined us on December 23rd passed away in the coop some time between Christmas Day eve and Boxing Day morning.

We opted to not make a ceremony of it but to deal with with it quickly, let the boys know and arrange to rescue another as soon as possible since we had space.

Ivy II joined us a couple of days later on the 27th. She has twice as many feathers as the others so it was like a glimpse into the future as to what the others will look like… beautiful… and not in a Bernard Matthews way.