The Journey to the Lodge

March 21, 2015

The shape of things to come

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One week until the end of school for Indi and I’ve hired the digger for the 3rd time to level the garden ready for the lawn and then finally the lodge! Grandad and I cleared enough ground to lay out the base of the lodge using old fence posts we’ve found round the garden.  Here’s Bee watching over the chickens’ morning run around.

Emerald Lodge Learning

So the future’s bright, the futures rectangular. The area looks massive, but with a few shelves, a couple of desks, a craft cupboard you can park a car in and a tower of board games it’ll soon disappear.

For a building of this size I have to leave a 1 metre gap by the boundary, however as its a boundary with a road I’m asking the council if I can site it closer, maybe 60cm away. Anyway, the answer to that questions costs £25 with our council, I hope it’s worth it.