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March 5, 2015

Giddy with the Waiting Game….


I am in a state of flux at the moment, if that is the right word to use. With this comes anticipation, excitement, frustration, helplessness and a tiny wedge of anxiety which helps wake me up to feed and separate the chickens at silly o’clock. So, as you may have spotted we have a countdown clock. Indi is now counting down the days until he can hang up his uniform and take on the world in his five-year old shoes and his OWN clothes and identity! It feels like a gift, a secret surprise package that has been buried in the ground for years, something I wished I’d dug up when William was a small boy, but fate and ignorance led me down a different path. I did what everyone told me to do. The Government, my peers, my family – the path well-trodden was the path for me, as it was the path that everyone around me took. School, further education, higher education, job, marriage, baby. How little I must have read and researched when looking at my options after having William. I don’t suppose I got further than the paperwork issued by employer regarding maternity pay. and now, with ten years of experience, mistakes and learning behind me, I unwrapped this surprise package and have discovered I can stay with my children when they are young, see them grow up, nuture and appreciate the gifts I have been given, and earn money from my business. I know I use this word all the time, and the two car crashes I had in the noughties make me feel like this too, but I am LUCKY. That’s my point of view anyway. However, I have to try and contain my excitement, as I know I could become a home education bore. I am so desperate to help and impart my views, that I know I could irritate and upset others. So I need to learn to hush-up. This might be the best for me. But it certainly isn’t an option for everybody. It is unrealistic, idealistic, expensive and energy-sapping, it is hippy, dippy, right on and cringe-worthy. I need to remember that. But I won’t make apologies for my gushing enthusiasm on here. I can because this is my page and my opinions, and because I have been given a second chance. I thank you!

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