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March 8, 2015

It’s the final countdown…


So, we’re into the last few weeks of school as we’ve all known it.

We had recently been enjoying some good rounds of School Run Bingo, where Indi would tick off the regulars we’d see on the way to school plus some bonus characters or vehicles for fun. It’s surprising how few men have beards when you’re trying to spot one!

As his interest in that subsided I thought we’d start preparing him for the end of school. So here he is quite literally counting down the days on a calendar, stuck to my dashboard, to the end of term.


He actually loves it, he acts like it’s a countdown to Christmas! So to check he has a good understanding of what’s coming, I said ‘you know when you leave school, you probably won’t see most of your friends again.’ Sounded harsh at the time, but it’s true. I did say we can keep in touch with one or two who live locally and he seemed happy with that and the fact he’ll make friends at new clubs, meets, mummy’s drama club and that Eti will be his class mate!

We’ve also decided to make a goodbye & thank you card for his teachers and friends.  Perhaps he’s too young to dwell on anything like this too long, but so far so good.