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March 29, 2015

Moulding children


As Easter approaches and every aisle of the supermarket looks like a tsunami of chocolate eggs being ridden by an army of chocolate bunnies, Oma provided an alternative today that I thought we’d  share.

Mixed Chocolate Lego men in crafty paper bags.

Step 1. Get a LEGO Minifigure Ice Cube Tray mould. Oma bought this one in Lille!
Step 2. Melt chocolate
Step 3. Give the kids a spoon each and watch them make a mess!


Each batch of 8 took about 15mins to set in the freezer. After the first batch, the kids’ enthusiasm paled slightly and my inner child awoke, so the next two batches consisted mainly of me trying to give them different colour heads, then boots, then arms and belts.
The results, including a batch by Bee, are below.

Chocolate Lego Men

I’m pretty sure Cadburys are safe… for now 🙂
Next we gave each boy a little paper bag with handles and some Easter-style stickers to attach. They were all pleased with the results and there’s enough Lego dudes for them to have ten in each bag….. with perhaps one or two factory rejects for mum and dad 🙂