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March 28, 2015

The Last Day…

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It felt slightly unreal on Friday. Even though we’d been planning this for a while, when the last day finally came for Indi to put his carefully ironed uniform on, and the socks I had lovingly dried on radiators over and over and over again, it suddenly felt unnerving. I knew how to bring up a child (wing it) but the same theory couldn’t possibly be applied to his education! This was…monumental! I quickly typed up a ‘Uniform for Sale’ form, as the gear he had acquired would set someone back £500 if they were to buy it new, so I thought I could sell it all for a song, and use the money for those useful annual passes and train fares to London, Scotland, any land…

Fridays are very much my ‘don’t see Indi’ days. When I was still working Thursday nights, I would wave him off to school on a Thursday morning, see him for thirty minutes on Thursday afternoon before I went to work, see him in the flurry of uniform, chickens and breakfast on Friday morning and then get back from work Friday evening (my parents pick him up from school Fridays) to see him trundled off to bed. Ridiculous! He is five! The new start will be wonderful. I will see him all day, every day. He will grow up in front of my eyes, on my watch. This may well be exhausting. I may well resemble something from Plants Vs Zombies, and my house may gather dust, inexplicable articles and perhaps the occasional mouldy item in the fridge (must find a cleaner!!!!) But above all,  we will all be at peace. I have had many words of encouragement, from friends and family far and wide. I have found a wonderful Home Education group and have finally been able to access their pages and add my own events to the rich and varied calendar. Next week, Indi had TWO home education group meets! So, he will be SOCIALISING!

There is still a sadness to leaving his school, because it is a lovely little place. Dad organised a special friend to come back for tea, and he, along with with many other members of the class, had sent cards and presents wishing him all the best. He also had a beautiful laminated mat with everybody’s face from his class smiling out at him. It was bittersweet, as I know it was a nuturing environment and a beautiful setting. The fantastic start they made will be a lot to live up to. But I know we can do it. He will be happier without the relentless upsets we were faced with most mornings of the week to actually get him to this lovely school.

And this morning, when Indi asked whether it was a school morning, I took such great joy in telling him there would never be a school morning again.

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3 thoughts on “The Last Day…

  1. Wow bryony. This was emotional to read.
    I admire you so much. I think you will be fantastic at home schooling. Xxxxx

  2. Very emotional! Will you be taking on any students? 😉 See you soon and can’t wait to hear how it’s going and I’m sure you won’t look back xxx

  3. Thank you ladies! It is a bit of a whirl at the moment so once the dust settles I hope I can see a decent path out in front for us. Looking forward to coming and seeing your beautiful home Alice, and thanks for reading xxx

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