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March 8, 2015

World Book Day Fun

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Celebrating World Book Day this week, Wills and I worked on this little number, inspired by other similar efforts online and Will’s deep passion for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series of books.


The head is cardboard painted white and attached to the strap of a baseball cap worn back to front. Some black see-through material glued over the mouth area meant he could at least see where he was going, although we had to use about 4 layers to make it dark enough.

We used black electricians tape on white tee and trousers as recommended, but it doesn’t stick well. As the top was bought just for this we used a little super glue, but even that came undone. Any movement and the tee stretched, but the tape didn’t. So we used good old sticky tape in bands in about 5 places down his arm. You couldn’t really see it but it worked.

Gloves help hide the human behind the costume. Off he went with the advice that if it starts to fall apart, make a joke of it – say ‘hey who rubbed out my leg!’ etc 🙂

Indi’s school didn’t mark the occasion sadly, but after dropping him I saw a few Harry Potters heading into other schools nearby. All good fun. We’ll get all three of them dressed up next year.