Daily Drudgery - or - Life is Sweet

April 21, 2015

What does 14 hours in the day of Home-Schooled Indi look like?

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I hope you have all had a lovely sunny Tuesday. Delightful day, slightly apprehensive start knowing that Indi’s classmates would be ‘back in the wheel’ today. So now, we’ve (here comes the whopping stinker of an analogy) set our education ‘sat. nav’ on an alternative, more scenic route (cringe) , stopping off to see the flowers and hopefully the places of historical interest along the way, and not worrying overly about lunchboxes and P.E kit.

So what was it like? It was……OK! Nobody died, which is always a big plus, and there were only two heart-sinking moments which I have since rationalised and am totally cool about now. This post is mainly pictures, not that I captured everything, primarily because I left my phone at my ma’s for a small period of time, however, it is the ‘essence’ of the day, and proof you can fit in a bevvy of learning experiences when you don’t worry about the time they take place. Some of activities I will highlight in my ‘Maths’ and future ‘English/Literacy’ categories SOOOON (I promise).

6.30am. Awake. Lego, Lego, Lego, everywhere. Lego in the cereal. Lego on the windowsill.

7am. Indi requests his board work. Whizzes it through. Daz does the chicken clean today as my hair requested a wash.

7.30am Pick up Will from his dad’s.

7.50a.m Guitar for Wills, Play – doh.


early morning home learning


play dough ice cream kit


8.30 a.m. Wills and I cycle/run to school. Lollipop man reminds me it’s St George’s Day on Thurs, with the big parade in Emsworth. Definitely going to take the kids to that. Start planning puppet show of the story in my head.  I cycle his bike back, put the glass recycling in a plastic bag then drop a bottle square onto my toe. Big screams.  Hope I can still run tomorrow but it really hurts tonight!

9.20 a.m. Dad takes Eti to Grandma on his way to work.

9.30a.m. Threading practice. Tears once, then intense concentration.

threading string through a board


9.50ish. We ‘OK Google’ The story of George and the Dragon. Not interested. OK. Not gonna push. Instead, he is very interested in ‘What happens when glass bottles are recycled?’ and ‘How are Lego bricks made?’. Great videos and we both learnt something. This prompts a good period of Lego play.

10.30am. Lull. Bread and butter perks him up. He reads me his reading book ‘Two Hungry Birds’ with the greatest of ease. Back to the library tomorrow for next seven! Better move up a level. He refuses to pose for photograph due to grumpiness.

10.45a.m. I read him his favourite Greek Myths on the sofa, which we are having an assault of at the moment – CD stories in the car, in books…errr….in discussion? Today: Pandora’s Box, Orpheus and Eurydice (AGAIN!) and the Twelve Labours of Heracles. I didn’t have a Scooby Doo about this sort of stuff when I was a kid. I’m a bit jealous. They are so bloodthirsty Will and Indi LOVE it. And we just read and read. No rushing. Shame I sound like a gravelly-voiced witch at the moment.

Greek mythology


Here he is reading Daedalus and Icarus.

Indi then decided we had to follow some Lego plans properly down to the correct colours of the tunics on the vintage Medieval Lego gifted to us by Great Auntie Gillian. Interest in Robin Hood begins and we ‘OK Google’ who he was, when he lived and how he died (macabre fascination). More building of models which we MUST finish before we take them to Grandma’s. Cue tiny piece searching, Lego tsunami and nervous breakdown. Leave the house just able to shut the door to have lunch at mum’s.


lego modelling


Lunch at Grandma’s…..Tell the Time Bingo….(Indi won)

Tell the time bingo game


Water play in Grandma’s garden.

Time to play with some water on the patio at Grandma's


2pm – Piano lesson with Valentina. Left phone at ma’s, so no pics, but he had a wonderful time and wanted to walk there on his own (I skulked behind him…unwanted). 30 minutes to give the chickens run of the garden, clean their bowls etc…run back to Indi.

Piano practice notes for Indi


3pm. Lull. Go to pick Will up from school with a tired, tired Indi. They enjoy running around the school field. We then have to drop off Will’s friend’s tablet charger in North End….

4pm. Home for trampoline, arguments, football, trampoline, arguments.

4.30pm. Indi helps me make a rhubarb crumble. He weighs out the ingredients for the crumble on top, then loses interest. Phew.

Too many cooks?

chop chop Indi


5.30pm. He does some pages of Maths, and amazes me yet again. He has hardly been at a desk today, but when he does sit down and apply himself, he’s darn good! And it didn’t require him completing page after page after page of the same thing for him to understand (school’s way of keeping you occupied for an hour). Had a sneaky peak at National Curriculum for Year 1 and for addition and subtraction he is working merrily along within their guidelines. Nice. Must get that from his dad.

More number bonds for Indi

Then some literacy. Indi’s reading is blinding at the moment, and to me, that’s all that matters. Writing will come in time, but as I’ve said before, if he can read well, then it will help EVERYWHERE in his life! So I don’t criticize his penmanship at all, not that it’s bad. Will scoots to the park and back and returns half an hour later to claim that his scooter has got it in for him.  We all have dinner at the table together, as per usual.

Writing workbook time

Taking the writing practice nice and eeeeeasy

6.30p.m. Lego Movie (Indi) Trampoline (Will) Pooing in the corner when no-one’s looking (Etienne)

8.30p.m. Bed way too late. Stories, stories, bedtime stories. One for Eti, one for Indi (Robin Hood) Laying down reading of a trickier book (Horrid Henry! Working through these at the moment at night-time) then through to Will at 9p.m. to read him 15 minutes of Book 2: A Series of Unfortunate Events. Voice dies. Thank goodness daddy usually helps out massively in this arena.

So that’s it – what a day! Off to Southsea tomorrow to meet a fellow home edder and her two children, having had another home-edder friend and her children visit on Monday. Socialisation? Not a problem. Thanks for reading!