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May 14, 2015

Mud glorious mud – a soil separation experiment

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This week we had 12 tonnes of topsoil delivered, that’s on top of the 10 tonnes a week or so before, all to go on the back garden as a nutritious bed for our future lawn.

Now the boys have seen aggregates being craned in over the back fence and now tipped off the back of a truck across the driveway and in almost all instances they enjoy climbing on it. See below.

Mud Everest!

This latest delivery is not the best stuff, apparently 70/30 mix of ‘soil’ and compost. The soil part seems to contain soil as well as bits of ceramics, brick, plastic and glass so the kids had to be careful.

This reminded Grandad of a soil separation experiment he did when he was at school and he thought Indi might find it interesting too.

Armed with an old instant coffee jar, they collected a sample from the topsoil in the garden.

Collecting the soil sample

With perhaps just under half the jar now mud, they added the water. By the way, Indi is sporting a tail from his Fantastic Mr Fox costume, that’s how he rolls. 🙂

Adding water to the soil sample

Lid on, it’s time for a shake… mind Grandad’s bones Indi!

Giving the jar a shake

Time to let the mud sample settle and see if we get what we expected.

Muddy waters

Both Indi and Eti sketch out on paper with pencils and charcoal what they can see, looking at the different layers as they appear.

Drawing the results

The results are in…

Soil separation results

Whilst working on our garden we’ve learnt a fair bit about the ground beneath our feet and this ties in well with other recent activities where he learnt how to identify flint and chalk… mainly by smashing it. An investigative technique I’m hoping he doesn’t apply anywhere else!