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May 14, 2015

Snap Circuits Jr SC100

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Snap Circuits Jr. SC100 from Elenco was a recent present for Indi that we’ve held back opening until he started home school.

It says it’s suitable for ages 8-108 but Both Indi(5) and Eti (2) enjoyed making the circuits.

There are around 30 parts and 101 projects and we have only tried the first 5, which are basic, but the self satisfaction in making something come alive are evident in both boys.

The first few diagrams are simple and the coloured pieces are easy to identify and add to the board. As some sit over or under others a little supervision is required.

First up was a simple light and switch circuit.

Snap Circuits Jr - Light circuit

As you can see, on the second project they vary the main piece slightly, switching the light to a motor and fan.
Snapping the pieces in and out is fairly easy and Indi only struggled with the spacing and matching of parts a couple of times. I’m sure with a little more play this would disappear.

Snap Circuits Jr - fan circuit

As the book explains, these two simple projects show how the power in the 2 x AA batteries can be converted into light and to turn a motor that powers a fan. Simple concepts we take for granted but for a 5yo, it’s all magic!

Snap Circuits Jr - Voice activated sound

Our final project for this short session used the music piece which plays a midi version of  ‘happy birthday’, activated by the whistle chip piece.

The whistle chip is activated by vibrations. So once switched on, the tune would play once through and then it would require a clap, a tap or a huff and a puff right next to the chip to activate the song again.

I have to say a 5yo clap wasn’t quite strong enough and Eti didn’t stand a chance but they enjoyed tapping it too.

There are lots more pieces yet to use and I think short bursts of 3 or 4 projects is enough for a session and that gives this Snap Circuits product a good shelf life.

If your kid can follow simple lego instructions, they should have no problem with this. I’m looking forward to some of the bigger projects.

Currently it’s the No1 best seller in electrical science toys and sets on Amazon, has 212 review giving it 4.7 out of 5!

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