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June 16, 2015

Last Week – the Super Seeker Trail – Home Educating Adventures on a Wednesday!

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We hopped on the Park and Ride…so we could experience ‘it’! The kids loved it and made lots of noise. The elderly chap sitting opposite us on the bus said, ‘Shouldn’t you be in school?’, to which Indi replied, ‘Yes’. Ha ha! I said nothing, as I quite frankly couldn’t be bothered, though I made a mental note to pull the Emerald Lodge Learning t- shirts out for our Wednesday jaunts.


It was lovely and clean, with very friendly bus drivers who were considerate when I had no evidence of my ‘RinGo’ car parking and ticket purchase! However, I think I need to love Portsmouth and its general ambience more than I actually do to warrant using it regularly. I love my car, and I love a train…say no more!

We were to embark on a Super Seeker Trail – this one set in Victoria Park, a place I hadn’t visited for perhaps a decade! Seekers Social Enterprize CIC is an exciting organisation promoting upcycling of natural objects, seeking and finding, creativity and entrepreneurship. Their trails allow young people to explore and learn about their surroundings while following a map and using their imaginations, as there is an exciting story behind each trail.

Here is the website:


And here are some pictures of Indi and Eti enjoying their trail!


Each key represents a location to find. There is also an image of the location on the map.



Planning our moves in the Art and Soul cafe, somewhere I’d never been but found to be beautiful.


We loved the blue ceiling!




Getting excited about the play park he has spotted on the map!


Cute garden.


Speeding to find the next key!


Found it!


There was a great play park. Some interesting sights nearby I won’t mention, but I guess you get this in any big city!







On top of the train, which I remember from years ago! They also have some birds, rabbits and guinea pigs in the central enclosure, which is lovely if a little careworn.


The children loved doing the trail and had a great time hunting out the key locations. Thanks Seekers!