Daily Drudgery - or - Life is Sweet

June 3, 2015

We’re off on some Adventures with Seekers!

seekersI met with Clair today from Seekers Social Enterprise, and was enthralled by the wonderful stories she has woven around the Shipwrights Way, and how she plans to bring craft, recycling, storytelling and enterprise into the lives of young people in the area.  Here is some information about the sculptures along the Shipwrights Way below in the link:


How does that involve us on our home schooling adventures?

Well, Seekers also offer maps to seek out interesting ‘treasures’ in the local area, and the ‘keys’ unlock imagination and lead to stories and characters that can be created by the children who follow the trail. So, armed with our first Seeker map, we plan to follow the Victoria Park trail in Portsmouth next Thursday, using the Park and Ride for the first time! Hopefully this will inspire Indi, and me! I will write about our trail next week, and look forward to discovering what else Seekers has to offer! I’m also going to look into some events with Seekers that we can put into the home school calendars which will offer storytelling, trails, seeking, creating using recycled materials, and then gifting creations!

I’d better get to bed, we’re off to Longleat tomorrow!