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December 27, 2015

Summer of Love – Autumn of Consequences!

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Summer was busy. It also feels like a long time ago, so apologies home school blog for neglecting you. I hope that 2016 (now days away) will find me updating far more regularly!

The last days of July in England were wet. Very wet. And we had arranged a ‘Beach-themed’ summer ‘School’s Out!’ party for Will and his friends. It looked like it was going to be a washout as we hung tropical banners and blew up fake palm trees in torrential rain.


The refreshments tent would have to double as shelter, surely? Until….the day of the party arrived, and lo and behold, the clouds parted for those wee short hours and some, (shock, amazement) SUNSHINE arrived. Despite this, it was a very wet afternoon, comprising of water pistols, water bombs, dunking, water slides and general H2O tomfoolery. The newly laid lawn was hammered, but great fun was had, and it was heralded a victory.



Days later, we headed off to Gran Canaria for around 10 days and had a blast. Fantastic weather and loads of pool/sea/beach fun for the kids. We all came back brown and almost relaxed!


The following week we caught up with friends and family, Indi and I went to London to see Wicked, and we also had an initial adoption meeting in Southampton. Due to the age of our children, we’d have to wait two years to adopt a child, so we shelved the plans and moved on. Then, Indi, Eti and I embarked on a camping trip just 40 minutes down the road. As Daz wasn’t with us, I decided to make the experience as easy as possible, and hired a tent that was was already pitched when we arrived! Despite the discovery of a punctured airbed, it was fun (and wet), and we made good use of our Paultons Park passes before mine expired in September. The boys were absolute nutcases the entire time, and their ‘thick as thieves’ partnership, which had strengthened since the advent of homeschooling, was throwing up some interesting behavioural issues that still challenge us now.


A few days more at home, and then is was the final summer treat – Efteling, the Fairtytale theme park we had visited last summer in the Netherlands, for three days. The trip was going to be hard logistically – nowhere to sleep after the ferry and car journey on the first night (potty came in useful for all) and a distinct lack of sleep, notably for Daz who had driven from home to Dover, then Dunkirk to Efteling, covering three countries in mainland Europe in one day. The three days that followed were hardcore fun! A great hotel room with treats, and back-to-back rides and experiences for the three of them. It is a truly wonderful place for any child. Daz and Will faced the rollercoasters all day every day, but I also did my fair share, feeling like I was going to die more than once!



On our return from the UK, I was feeling exhausted – due to the pace of events in the summer. I went to bed early on several nights in an attempt to shake what felt like a virus. Body was aching, waves of nausea and generally feeling rough. On August the 30th, an unsettling feeling came over me as dates whirred around my head, and I decided to alleviate my fears whilst picking up some summer party alcohol by buying a pregnancy testing kit. I knew it was going to be negative, but due to feeling ropey and knowing I was going to have a drink, I thought I’d just get that little niggling doubt out of my head…five minutes later, I was running across the supermarket car park, tears streaming down my face and not really feeling my feet as they coursed a path to the car. As I drove home, I remember shaking, repeating the words ‘You stupid cow!’ over and over again. With perhaps more expletives.

It wasn’t the plan. I love kids. We wanted another, but were planning to adopt. I had closed my baby-making life chapter and had dealt with it emotionally and mentally back in 2012.

Pregnant? This would turn everything upside-down.