Daily Drudgery - or - Life is Sweet

January 21, 2016

Kit Kids Out for Less

Just spent the princely sum of £1.48 on the Boden website. A new pair of shorts for Indi and a long-sleeved top for Eti. Over £30 saved. December I saved another £20 on the same website and spent £1 or something on a funky set of oven gloves. Over the last couple of years I’ve got clothes for all three boys, nearly always at rock – bottom price. For boys, Boden appeals as the clothes are colourful, with weird and wonderful prints and great fabrics. They last a long time and can be handed down to the next child, and the cut is always good.

How does it work then?

1. I only look at the kids section. This is the purpose of the money – saving mission.
2. I usually only look in the clearance section within the kids bit!
3. Once a purchase has been made and you’ve got an account, you’ll get the occasional brochure through. Mine go straight in the recycling.
4. Look out for emails where they offer further discounts off sale products. There’s usually free delivery too. Sometimes it goes up to 70% off.
5. This is the best bit. A couple of days in the year I am sent a £10 voucher. This can be spent on clearance products too, and combined with free postage, you feel obliged to spend just over the tenner! I also got an email on my birthday for £10 voucher. No minimum spend – no catches. And there’s loads of stuff in the kids clearance section for around a tenner.

So, that’s a handy idea for little ones….


Here I am at 6 months pregnant, straight after a sweaty walk to school. I’ve said before I don’t spend much on myself as I like to spend it all on the kids. But my cardi is Monsoon, my shirt is Blooming Marvellous, trousers are Top Shop, coat Wallis and Clarks shoes. Very high street I know, but trusted brands. And the only things that are new are the shoes! Purchased for speedy attachment when you have a big belly!


I didn’t want to buy a maternity coat for those few cold months – felt like a crazy thing to spend money on. So I asked friends if they had any bigger coats in storage and sure enough my best bud came up trumps. Trousers were via a buy and sell site that a friend directed me towards, and shirt was part of a bulk buy that a home ed friend sold to me. I bought a few nice cardigans second hand on eBay that will see me through winter and will also be fine post-pregnancy.  I have a few issues with new clothes, and new furniture, when there are so many great things that are already out there. I just don’t want to contribute to the process personally, as all I can envisage is the waste, and the labour. This extends to many of my kids’ clothes too, unless, as seen above with the Boden sweeteners, it truly is a song.