Daily Drudgery - or - Life is Sweet

February 25, 2016


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Today felt good. I haven’t felt this good for a while. I don’t know whether it’s the iron supplements, or eating more fruit with a higher sugar content, or what, but I haven’t had the hollow leg wobbles and tears for about a week. On the 32nd week of Mr cheeky pants setting up base in my belly pouch, I felt like I could waddle my way through the next few weeks with a smile. We’ve had a productive few days at home looking at all things Egyptian, and this will be ongoing with lots of practical projects. Today felt like a good day to use the National Trust Home Educator pass. My folks got it for my birthday, and at £44 it offers a significant discount to the usual annual pass, with a holidays and weekends restriction.


The boys were in their element. What was unique was the stillness about Uppark, the nearest location for us. The rolling hills with a distant coastline, and the more manicured gardens, were just perfect for the boys, who rolled around over mole hills for hours. They were absolutely filthy, and so, so happy. It0 reminded me of how important it is to get them outside. Outside in the fresh air, with nothing else but space about them, and invitations to just fly about without  inhibitions and judgement. Indi commented, ‘Where is everyone?’
It felt like magic to him. How could they be allowed there, when no one else was? It was a stark contrast to visiting the farm during half term week, which felt stressful simply because of the numbers of people. I love taking the kids for days out  – I love their company, I love recording memories in my head, I love watching their spirits rise and their cheeks go red. I love that I don’t have to imagine what it was like on a school trip, because I’m there for every moment.  But it becomes distinctly less enjoyable when you are swimming through seas of other people and their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I do love folk, but I can do without passive aggressive battles in the play areas as everyone helicopter parents, and wrestles for the best vantage point, the best picnic spot, the best possible experience for the day.  So the isolation of today felt special.
Indi was covered in mud from top to toe. As was Eti, but Indi more so as he hurled himself about with total disregard to his own safety. It was great. Important. This boy looks contained in a house half the time, so I have vowed to make this happen at least twice a week. Mud coverage must have a direct positive correlation with happiness. His and mine.


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