Daily Drudgery - or - Life is Sweet

July 7, 2016

Tabbouleh, Tangents and Meandering Paths.

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This is my first blog post for two months – boy what a two months it has been. I kept thinking about blogging about the thrills and spills of the last few weeks, but thought it better to note that we are all on the other side, we are all healthy again, and home education continues, albeit a slightly more relaxed version.

One of the nice things about home education is the lack of boundaries. Over the last few weeks we have explored bones, war, Star Wars, Alexander the Great – just because the interest was expressed. I have also tried to get us outside as much as possible. On one occasion Eti and Indi were out running and cycling in torrential rain, and absolutely loving it. I feel they are both changing due to the freedom they experience – and this isn’t easy to handle. At times there is a real feral nature to their actions, an hilarious joke we’re not in on, a bizarre form of play that can be detailed and calm or destructive and chaotic. They certainly laugh with one another to the point it’s painful – every day. But the whole thing is exhausting to rein in, sometimes futile. Since falling ill I have reminded myself to live slowly. I’m no longer cramming tons of things into the day, even though leaving the house for one event is a challenge too much some days.

This blog is about the lovely tangents we can go off on. A lovely friend of mine made a tabbouleh from scratch for us recently. Indi and I both fell in love with it, and have tried to recreate it, with varying degrees of success. We took some leftovers on a picnic in the grounds of Petworth House yesterday, which led to a discussion on vitamins. While sat there we discovered just how good the ingredients were for you, most notably the vast quantities of raw parsley – with more vitamin C than most citrus fruits. Indi was fascinated with the health benefits of the foods we were consuming, and the following day we decided would be a ‘cooking’ day.

This morning I was served no less than four bowls of spinach salad – Indi’s invented speciality – spinach leaves, basil, olive oil and chili flakes.

 Indi was keen to find out what vitamins there were, so he and Daz found a poster and printed it, and it found a temporary home on the fridge.

Next came the cook books – and he found another salad similar to his beloved tabbouleh.

Indi wrote the shopping list, reading from the book, calling out the ingredients to find out what we did and didn’t have at home.

We headed to Waitrose as I wanted Indi to have a go on the self scanners, which he loved. The herbs and spices here were in alphabetical order. Indi is finding fennel seeds. A nice physical dictionary task!

Scanning products…

Deleting items using the device.

Checking out…

When home, we began creating the huge salad – and checking to see what vitamins and minerals could be found. As he grated lemons and chopped fennel, I had to remind myself that these experiences were hugely educational – despite his continual silliness with his brother. They weren’t just happy drunks, they were hysterical and paraletic!

Toasting walnuts..

And the final salad!