Daily Drudgery - or - Life is Sweet

August 26, 2016

Saying ‘Yes’ More.

Having read a great Unschooling book over the summer, I am experimenting with what might suit us as a family. The results are interesting so far. Bedtimes are later.. and this leaves me craving time for myself, which is so slight. E, who has had the grumps almost at the point he turned 4, seems smilier, even though baby talk still features for much of the day. Indi seems happy enough too, but that could be the relaxation of a few things for the summer period. I have tried to follow his interests more in terms of what we have explored and this works, mainly because he’s doing what he wants to do, and it’s something he is genuinely interested in, or he sees validity in it – there’s something in it for him!

I think I try to say ‘yes’ more, even though internally I am heaving a heavy sigh. However, once I say yes, and get on board with the idea, I see just how excited and enthralled and ‘in the moment’ he is, and this is worth so much more. It might not be how I imagined the day would be, it might involve making a mess, but it’s so satisfying. For instance, my hall looks like this in the middle of August:

Indi went to a pirate theatrical walk through experience on holiday and wanted to make his own one. This involved getting masses of costumes and decorations out of the loft, and then trashing three rooms downstairs. Once the internal sigh was released and we said ‘yes,’ we dug it out, then created some maps and planned a secret anagram puzzle for our guests (grandma and grandad)  to use.

So after a limited rehearsal period we presented our promenade show to G and G. Indi was directing me and Eti, performing costume changes and organising the curtain calls for ALL characters. He was buzzing, and it was so sweet. Once the itch was scratched, we could pack it away as we all knew that an idea had been fully realised. Sometimes I struggle with his wants and ideas (but I want to make my own theme park, etc) but I hope he feels like I am listening to him more.