Daily Drudgery - or - Life is Sweet

October 28, 2016

Pumpkin Tea in the Boot and Other Tall but True Stories…

Here we are having tea in my wonderful friend’s boot. In a car park underground. Sound grim? It wasn’t – it was hilarious, and such a tonic after remembering that shopping and children don’t mix. After an hour we gave up. Must get myself some trousers online! Maternity trousers just don’t work anymore six months down the line. Exactly six months – happy half a year birthday today Phoenix! Also great to by chance run into another friend, just when I was at my lowest ebb after the third visit to shopping centre toilets, and we all reminded ourselves that this was a crazy place for small people.

This is Indi’s minecraft BFG, with Sophie on his shoulder. Utterly unrelated but I thought it was really good!

The day started wonderfully at Porchester castle with some more lovely friends. The boys and girls slid down into the moat repeatedly, getting nice and muddy!

Spooky Eti!

These pictures are from an excellent Halloween STEM session we attended at lunchtime. Injecting brains, glow paint, articulated hands and other spooky activities! We brought some pretty dreadful sponge cakes made in a rush at breakfast, but at the end of the session my friend appeared with a roasted pumpkin full of savoury rice which was heavenly!

Little did we know we’d all be eating it, still warm, a few hours later after I’d suggested (stupidly) heading to the most popular shopping and eating location in Portsmouth! After seeing sense we had a lovely time holed up in the car with many spoons. And P loved the roasted pumpkin!

We came home to daddy and sang half of ‘Happy Birthday’ to Phoenix!