Daily Drudgery - or - Life is Sweet

December 14, 2016

Christmas Countdown days 7-12

Day 7 was a workshop at the fantastic ‘Search’ museum in Gosport. We arrived deliberately early to locate the place and then trudge to a nearby cafe (counting down the 12 minute walk for my 4 year old who fears an amble beyond 100 metres). It was worth the effort – the brilliant Wendy House cafe by the sea felt cosmopolitan and cosy at the same time – I think the combination of marina elegance and wooden toys created that juxtaposition! Only slightly put off by the haughty waitress and accidental order of ham on a grazing plate, the kids had a nice little potter with the toys, and Indi, verging on being too old to play with the lovely stuff, even managed a page of addition to alleviate his wait for food! back to Search – all about the order of the species and their survival during the winter months. Masses of taxidermy and replica models, skeletons and excellent delivery by staff meant the boys were totally absorbed by the activities. It was excellent.

I love the fact Eti wore a onesie all day too.

Day 8…

The picture was a tiny bit misleading – we were actually going to watch the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra at Portsmouth Guildford, but there was to be much audience participation and we should have been rehearsing two pieces that would be performed alongside the orchestra. I also hadn’t really thought through who was coming with me, and that morning it dawned on me that I should have arranged some sitters! Thankfully Oma stepped in last-minute for Eti and Phoenix, we practised the pieces once and then decided winging it with our home ed friends would be the best bet.

It was a great concert and the kids really enjoyed joining in with clapping and stamping percussion. Hearing Mars from ‘The Planets’ was also sonically assaulting and brought a tear despite it being the bringer of war!

Day 9…

The Winchester Science centre. It was just brilliant. Absorbing from the second we arrived and they barely stopped for four hours, and would have carried on had we not had to leave as I was working. Highlights were the colon cafe and the running race – but so much more to return to, most notably the planetarium!

Weekend – days 11 and 12 – off to cousins in Brackley! a weekend of fun and family beckoned.

It was great to see them all having fun together, and we also got to see one of my nephews and my niece play rugby which was  exciting and I was so impressed by their tenacity and fearlessness! My brother and sister in law are great hosts and we are always well looked after.

Day 12 – feeling ill. I had the Christmas Trail at Hinton Ampner planned for us but unfortunately P was exhibiting signs of illness, so we stayed put.

I can’t at this point remember what we did do as the last few days have been a blur of illness, but I know there was swimming and piano and that my folks stepped in to take the boys somewhere… now I remember – soft play! loads of home ed friends were there, but I took took the opportunity to do some practical chores in Waterlooville, pushing along a sleeping poorly Phoe. But it was to get a lot worse health-wise!