Daily Drudgery - or - Life is Sweet

January 7, 2017

12 – 24 Countdown Calendar 

The last half of the run up to Christmas was besieged with illness. It went round once, and then with poor Phoenix, it came along again. He had 17 days of infant paracetamol and ibuprofen staggering, night and day. So this post is rather blurry due to the mixture of tiredness and worry! He seemed to be really poorly across Christmas and Boxing day but those days were followed by bank holidays, and we were anxious not to be paranoid parents hassling the NHS during the holiday season, but also not to put his life at risk. He had two viruses back to back,  and we think, an ear infection which appears to be on its way out, though the odd dose of nurofen after ear and head grappling is creeping in still. The cough was just horrific, and he’d wake and just hack like a chain smoker. We never went to the docs. Still – we did most of the stuff on the calendar, as it was a little quieter than the previous 7 days!

I had planned a National Trust Christmas Trail for the 12th, but Phoenix was too unwell. I think (though I’m not sure) we stayed in the house all morning and did a giant painting using Sharpie pens for outlining. Then my folks took the boys to a local play centre where some home ed kids were meeting, and I stayed put with P.

Phoenix had a go, despite feeling rough!

Nearly got the paper!

Next day was to make gingerbread men (how un-PC, as if it flaming matters!) Indi was really ill today, so I think we missed our group too. He was sofa-bound in and out of sleep, poorly P was sling-bound on me, so Eti and I made the ginger folk. I think I was starting to feel ill at this point, as was Daz. For a few days only Eti was relatively healthy in the household!

14th was an aborted trail day at Mottisfont  due to Indi coming down with the same nasty cold with temperature raging.

I don’t think we did much, apart from watching Christmas films!

Panto day! My mum was going to take the boys while I took P into Southsea to perhaps find Daz a Christmas present. Indi was dosed up, determined not to miss the panto. But during the interval, I got the call to say he couldn’t bear it any longer poor chap! I did have a picture of him outside the theatre but I can’t find it, so here’s some of their Christmas cookies instead!

My wonderful friend Rebekah and her mum helped keep hold of Eti while my mum waited for me to dash back from the shops! Thankfully she managed to get back in time to watch the second half.

This was a wishy washy day as I thought we’d be going to our STEM club, but Indi continued to be poorly, as did P, and I definitely didn’t feel great.

So the following day we managed to do some Pintrest inspired painting – it seems I forgot to take a picture of the final thing but we had a wonderful Santa’s sleigh and reindeer using the kids’ hand and foot prints!

Our final wishy washy disastrous day. Under the weather, P still poorly, Indi on mend, Eti starting to sneeze and both Eti and Indi behaving like nutcases. I actually got everyone in the car heading for Exbury gardens and then my head told me – ‘Nope. This is not a good plan.’ Had I gone by myself on a Sunday with three below par kids with the sillies I definitely would have lost it and had to put my well-being first!

This was a great day! We crammed three Christmassy things in today to make up for the rubbish few days!

Firstly, mince pie making…

Then we finally got to Mottisfont to do the Christmas Trail!  My folks came along too which was lovely.

Then in the evening we went to a friend’s hubby’s 40th, and had a ball with all the children, dosed up with Calpol! I even danced – hooray! The kids were utterly feral and Indi had a girl either side of him all night…the future maybe?

20th was the annual home education group’s Christmas party. Lots of fun and games and food, and I ran some games too!

21st was a games day at Grandma and Grandad’s  – we all played Moviemaker and Will was there too – happy days! (Can you tell I’m rushing this?!?)

We had a wonderful meal courtesy of my folks and we’re certainly feeling more festive, in spite of the illnesses. Also took Will to go and see Nan in the nursing home and it was their Christmas party. Such a great atmosphere.

Nice simple one for the 22nd – Christmas jigsaw!

Indi is always up for a jigsaw,  once he has put his mind to it. We had our lovely neighbours around that evening for festive drinks and their three boys are wonderful playmates for our boys. Cracking! So now for the 23rd – best day ever!

We had another day up in London, this time to see Father Christmas on a cruise on the Thames! The boys had a wonderful time and got their Christmas wishes in just in time. Then Indi and I legged it to The Barbican centre to see a performance of King Lear!

The day was brilliant, and we enjoyed every minute of it. I think the kids did too!

24th December was a day for fun, and friends and excitement! We had some lovely friends over and it was a great way to ring in the truly festive period.

No pictures from Christmas eve but this one from Christmas day sums up how relaxed it was!

I’m really sorry – this post is just rushed and stinks of someone wishing they’d never started this crazy idea. It was fun, challenging and great to see the excitment in their eyes every morning.  I will look back with the he fondest memories, and that of course is the best thing; the memories made will give happiness longer than any present under the tree.