Our Family

Indi (Boy#2): An everlasting beam of happiness with more energy than a London fireworks display. There are not enough hours in the day for Indi, if he was Prime Minister he'd add another six!

Indi is a tall, bright, loud, willful boy with a magnetic personality – he attracts friends and chaos wherever he turns! He has spent a year at the local independent school before embarking on our education adventure. He enjoyed it there and wasn’t phased that he was in school all day, five days a week, but school mornings were stressful for everyone and he often left on the school run in tears having been torn away from his play. We missed him terribly and at the dinner table each night we would try to squeeze out of him what he had been up to but it was hard work. There have been times where we wondered if we were doing the right thing, but we think a boy like Indi will love anything that is a exciting and stimulating, which I’m hoping our education will be!

Etienne (Boy#3): A juice-aholic and aspiring artist, our beautiful little mynah bird gives the best hugs and has more love in his eyes than you can shake a stick at.

Etienne is the sweetest little thing. He is happy, loving, and plays the mynah bird daily, repeating whatever phrase sounds good! He is desperate to do everything that his big brothers are doing, so even at just two, he had the big boys scooter, and does a pretty good job on it too. Having tried all the things on offer with my other two children, we hope we can be sane of mind and keep Etienne at home with us without the need for pre-school. There is a great home-school network in Hampshire and West Sussex, and we think we should firmly establish ourselves there. In any case, it would break up the day if we had to return to pick him up from the same place each day; I think it would be far better to be out and about!

Emerald Lodge Learning

Me (Mum): "I want to say I'm conscientious and fun-loving but I know I sometimes veer towards being neurotic and chaotic!"

I trained as a teacher and spent 10 years teaching drama in secondary schools before I decided to start my own business – ‘TADAA’. The main reason I decided to step away from teaching and cut my salary radically was for my first son. Will is my boy from a previous relationship. He is state-schooled, and spends exactly half the week with us, and half the week with his very supportive dad. We now all work together to make sure he spends the time with his loved ones. I get to take him to school every day, and the money I earn ensures that he can attend the clubs and societies he wants. He is very sporty, a little anxious and a complete gentlemen charmer!

Dad: Hard working entrepreneur and part-time DIY fanatic. "I inject the necessary disorder and silliness, essential in every household."

Daz runs his own successful business too, and we do a lot of ‘tag team’ parenting, which means when he comes in from work, I go out. It is only a couple of nights and it seems to work, though we do spend time in the wee small hours trying to catch up on admin, accounts and ironing!